Sebrena Tomah


Hold on, be strong 

Finding our strength in who we are 

Through our ancestor’s ways 

Will help us get through each and every day. 

No time for shame or blame 

Our life is no game 

We go through hurt of pain 

If we choose to dwell 

We have nothing to gain 

With love, faith, willingness 

Through this healing 

We will be free 

We have to hold on to each other 

We need to hold our heads up more than look down upon one another. 

Reach out and let’s start healing together. 


Great Spirit  

Thank you for our gifts 

Our people are what we need 

To keep our connections strong 

So we’re able to lead 


We need to stay in our circle 

To remain tight 

When we disconnect ourselves 

From Mother Earth and each other 

We’re unable to start healing together. 


In our circle we pray, talk, sing and dance 

Let’s reach out our hands together 

Take this chance 

For us to stay connected 

In our powerful circle of life. 


Let’s Dance Together  

Let’s listen to the beat of our drum 

and our people of the dawn 

singing our own traditional songs 


Let’s move our feet 

To our traditional beat 

And reach out our hands 

Uniting us and keeping us strong 


Let’s thank Creator for all that’s been given to us 

These are our blessings 


Let’s show love for our people by our actions 

We need to help one another 

Before we lose our traditional culture 


Let’s embrace our ancestor’s ways 

And let’s walk the good Red road today. 


Let’s stand and be powerful beside one another 

Instead of being against our own people 

And fighting with each other 


Let’s make beautiful memories together 

That will last forever 

Let’s live today 

Take hold of each other’s hand 

And let’s dance together. 

The Passamaquoddy Way 

 We need to thank Great Spirit for our blessings every day 

We need to embrace our ancestor’s ways 

Before we lose our traditional culture today 

We should help our elders, asking for nothing in return 

We can cook for them or just show concern 

We used to walk into family and friend’s places and feel at home 

Now we walk into someone’s place and we’re left feeling all alone 

Even though we’re all sharing the same space 

Yet we’re feeling out of place 

Today it seems all about power 

Who’s in office or trying to win some kind of race 

Forgetting our people 

We’re forgetting our native language and not teaching our children 

We’re showing this is the way we’re living our lives today 

We need to help our people 

We’re all here together; we are no better than any other 

As a Nation we need to show our power 

by standing beside each other 

Not away from one another 

We all need to stick together; remain tight without all this fight 

When we’re being greedy or closing a door; instead help the needy by reaching out more 

Let’s be there for our people and heal one another 

Making memories that last forever 

How hard is it to take time out of the day to ask someone? 

“Can I help you in anyway?  Is there something you’d like to say?” 

We’re too busy judging each other instead of showing love and respect for one another 

We’re all too busy in our lives just to make money so we can get our pay 

No one realizes we’re missing our days 

How we are all taught 

Will be the Passamaquoddy way!! 

Sebrena Tomah's Biography 

I am a Passamaquoddy from Sipayik.  I am a mother of one daughter and two grandchildren.  I have been writing poetry since a young age.  I feel that writing poetry is my gift to share and inspire others.  I feel that the messages in my poetry are very heartfelt and powerful.