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Dawnlandvoices.org makes every effort to share information about New England’s indigenous literary traditions while protecting the intellectual property rights of individual authors as well the rights of the tribal community concerning sacred and cultural patrimony.

Unless otherwise noted, general information about individual items and exhibits falls under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY) license, which means that you may quote, copy or link to this material in any format as long as you give proper attribution.

Individual tribal authors and/or their descendants retain the rights to individually-authored works and should be contacted directly for permission to republish. Archival materials from tribal collections are likewise the property of the tribal offices or collectors that provided them, who should in turn be contacted for permission to republish or quote.

Dawnlandvoices.org also has a takedown policy. If you are a tribal authority and have any concerns about information on this site, please contact dawnlandvoices@gmail.com immediately, and our Editorial Board will review the matter as soon as possible.

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