Rich Holschuh

K8g8gwibakw Wantastegokwajok

Wintergreen on Mount Wantastiquet


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Ali-sowanikik nahil8t Kwenitegok wji Wantastegokwajok

Southward downstream on the Connecticut River from Mount Wantastiquet

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Wantastegok peb8niwi tamakwak

The West River in winter at the beaver place

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Sp8zsigwan Peskawajok

 Early spring at Black Mountain

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Ali-sowanakik wji kchi al8mkiwajok

Southward from the great mountain cave

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Spemkik sibok Kwenitegok

Sky in the river on the Connecticut

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Sigwan s8gen mskodak

Spring emerges in the meadow

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Nakihl8t Wantastegok

Sunset at the West River place

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Rich Holschuh's Biography

Rich is a resident of Wantastegok (Brattleboro, VT) of Mi’kmaq, Wendat, and European heritage and an indigenous cultural researcher. He serves on the  Vermont Commission for Native American Affairs  and as a public liaison for the Elnu Abenaki Tribe, representing with governmental agencies of oversight. He works with the contemporary Abenaki community, partnering with a wide variety of other groups to provide outreach, build connections, and foster relationship. 

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