Natalie Dana

Machias Bay Petroglyphs

I wonder . . . I wonder
Will things ever change?
As time slowly rips away
I wonder . . .I wonder
As the water tears away chunks of stone
slowly changing. . .rapidly changing
I wonder . . .I wonder
As I look upon this stone
How long will these stay here?
I wonder . . .I wonder
As the hunter listens for game
Mother giving birth, what will I see?
I wonder . . .I wonder
As Aputumken slithers on the surface
and Thunderbird spreads his wings
I wonder . . .I wonder
As the little people are dancing
What will I leave the wonakomehsis today?
I wonder . . .I wonder
Moose, deer, people etched upon this stone
What has been lost?
I wonder . . .I wonder
About this magical place
This place that is born from our way of life.









Rooted Beings

Living, dying, quietly I sit here

    recording these silent lives in my memory.

Few pay attention

    leaving these rooted beings to themselves.

These ancient ones stand proudly

    listening to and watching the world around them.

I wish I could see through their eyes

    see how the world has changed.

I see them unchanged, unconcerned with the world of man

    as they dance to the sound of music only they can hear.

They are always dancing

    swaying from side to side.

If you sit quietly you can hear them

    whispering to each other.

Whispering silently

    it is the sound of rustling leaves to our ears.

The feeling of them evokes

    what it is like to touch ancientness

As they are living and dying

    I sit here quietly.




Natalie Dana PhotoNatalie Dana is a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe of Indian Township, Maine. The loves of her life are Kyle Lolar (partner), Susep Lolar (son), and Aselis Lolar (son). She graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Her passions are archaeology and cultural revitalization of her Native American heritage. Her hobbies include reading, writing, beading, gardening, and basket-making. Currently, she is working with the Indian Township Launch program as a Family Support Specialist,  she also volunteers with Gedakina, a Native American non-profit.