Katie Puzycki

Sequence of Life

I held on to your soul
While you sold
Your last celestial breath
To the skies and all her stars.
We sat before the rolling seas
Filled with much trepidation,
Never quite sure how to surrender
Our words and bodies to all their beauty.
I can’t remember how long it was
That we kept there;
It was enough time for
Our roots to be planted
Into those ancient grains of sand.
And time lapsed in the end.
Dying wholeheartedly
In accord to the last kisses
Of those breakers
With its concrete counterparts.
On those distant shores
You morphed into those roots,
Captivated in their permanence--
And what of that was ever yours
While you were settled here?




katie_puzyckiKatie Puzycki is an aspiring 19-year-old writer from Wallingford, Conn. A member of the Mohegan Tribe, and a student at Providence College (from which she will graduate in 2017), Katie is working toward a BA in English and creative writing, and Spanish language.  She looks forward to being a teacher in the future to share her love of the humanities with the rising generations. Katie is an avid runner and listener of music, and in her spare time she enjoys playing the piano, being with her family and pets, and traveling the world.