Natalie Dana

Natalie Dana has written a children’s song which has been translated into Passamaquoddy.  We are happy to present both. Margaret Apt sings "Lintuwakon Aputamkon" here, and the CD is called "All My Children, Songs and Lullabies from Wabanaki Singers." This project was funded by Wabanaki Maine Families. The poem has changed since this recoding was made so they are not exact.


Lintuwakon Aputamkon

Aputamkon, Aputamkon
tama kti tama kti
aputamkon tama kti.

Wonakomehsis , Wonakomehsis
knomiyul, knomiyul, wonakomehsis

Espons, Espons
kmessunomuwin kpihtinol kpihtinol
messunomuwin kpihtinol

Muwin, Muwin
Kmessunomuwin ksitol ksitol
messunomuwin ksitol nomihtunol.

Malsom, Malsom
Kmessunomuwin ksoqon, ksoqon
messunomuwin ksoqon nomihtun.

Mus, Mus
Kmessunomuwin koniyakon, koniyakon
messunomuwin koniyakon

Amushopihk, Amushopihk
Kmessunomuwin 'katol 'katol
messunomuwin 'katol nomituntol.

Qapit Qapit
Kmessunomuwin kipitol kipitol
messunomuwin kipitol.
Psite nomihtunol.

Cihkonaqc, Cihkonaqc
Keq ktoluhk?
nmenakacuhs, nmenakacuhs
Nit elluhki nmenakacuhs.

Cihpolakon, Cihpolakon
Keq ktoluhk?
nwiwonituwi, nwiwonituwi
Nit elluhki nwiwonituwi.

Mahtoqehs, Mahtoqehs
Keq ktoluhk?
ntoltoq, ntoltoq
Nit elluhki toltoq.

Motehehsim, Motehehsim
Keq ktoluhk?
ntiyalhom, ntiyalhom
Nit elluhki ntiyalhom.

Psuwis, Psuwis
Tan ktolihtaqs?
miyew, miyew
Nit eltaqsi miyew.

Olomuss, Olomuss
Tan ktolihtaqs?
woof, woof, woof
Nit eltaqsi woof woof woof.

Pakahqaha, Pakahqaha
Tan ktolihtaqs?
knock, knock, knock
Nit eltaqsi knock knock

Kci-kakak, Kci-kakak
Tan ktolihtaqs?
cacaw, cacaw cacaw
Nit eltaqsi cacuw cacaw

Coqols, Coqols
Tan ktolihtaqs?
ribbit, ribbit
Nit eltaqsi ribbit

Nomehs, Nomehs
Tama kwik?
kuspemok, kuspemok
Nit ewiki kuspemok

Ahkiq, Ahkiq
Tama kwik?
Supekuk, Supekuk
Nit ewiki, supekuk.

Kiwonik, Kiwonik
Tama kwik?
Sipuk, Sipuk
Nit ewiki, sipuk

Tihtiyas, Tihtiyas
Tama kwik?
Oposihk, Oposihk
Nit ewiki oposihk.

Otuhk, Otuhk
Tama Kwik?
kcihkuk, kcihkuk
Nit ewiki kchihkuk.

Sak, Sak
Tan ktolocossin?
nmehqey, nmehqey
Nit elocossi nmehqey.

Kiyahq, Kiyahq
Tan ktolocossin?
nwapey, nwapey
Nit elocossi nwapey.

Oqim, Oqim
Tan ktolocossin?
nmokosewey, nmokosewey
Nit elocossi nmokosewey.

Amuwes, Amuwes
Tan ktolocossin?
nwisawey, nwisawey
Nit elocossi nwisawey.

Kiwhos, Kiwhos
Tan ktolocossin?
ntupqancoss, ntupqancoss
Nit elocossi tupqancoss.



Show me, I see. 

raccoon, raccoon
show me your hands, your hands
show me your hands,
“here are my hands, do you see?”
I see.

bear, bear
show me your feet, show me your feet, your feet
show me your feet,
“here are my feet, do you see?”
I see.

lynx, lynx
show me your mittens, show me your mittens
show me your mittens
“here are my mittens, do you see?”
I see.

moose, moose
show me your head, your head
show me your head,
“here is my head, do you see?”
I see.

spider, spider
show me your legs, your legs
how me your legs,
“here are my legs, do you see?”
I see.

beaver, beaver
show me your teeth, your teeth
show me your teeth.
“here are my teeth, do you see?”
I see.

porcupine, porcupine
show me your quills, your quills
show me your quills.
“here are my quills, do you see?”
I see.

hawk, hawk
show me your feathers, your feathers
show me your feathers.
“here are my feathers, do you see?”
I see.

turtle, turtle
what are you doing?
“I walk slow, I walk slow
that is what I do, I walk slow”
I see.

bald eagle, bald eagle
what are you doing?
“soaring, soaring
thats what I do, I soar”
I see.

rabbit, rabbit
what are you doing?
“jumping, jumping
that is what I do, I jump”
I see.

duck, duck
what are you doing?
“paddling, paddling
that is what I do, I paddle”
I see.

whale, whale
what are you doing?
“swimming, swimming
that is what I do, I swim”
I see.

snake, snake
what are you doing?
“slithering, slithering
that is what I do, I slither”
I see.

bat, bat
what are you doing?
“hanging, hanging
that is what I do, I hang upside down”
I see.

beaver, beaver
what are you doing?
“build, build
that is what I do, I build dams”
I see.

coyote, coyote
what sound do you make?
“yelp, yelp
this is what I say, yelp, yelp”
I hear.

pheasant, pheasant
what sound do you make?
“thump, thump
this is the sound I make”
I hear.

woodpecker, woodpecker
what sound do you make?
“knock, knock, knock
that is the sound I make, knock, knock”
I hear.

raven, raven
what sound do you make?
“cacuw, cacuw, cacuw
that is what I say, cacuw, cacuw, cacuw”
I hear.

frog, frog
what sound do you make?
“ribbit, ribbit
that is what I say, ribbit”
I hear.

owl, owl
what sound do you make?
“hoo, hoo
that is what I say, hoo, hoo”
I hear.

turkey, turkey
what sound do you make?
“gobble, gobble
that is what I say, gobble, gobble”
I hear.

wolf, wolf
what sound do you make?
“howl, howl
that is what I say, howl, howl”
I hear.

salmon, salmon
where do you live?
“lake, lake
I live in the lake”
I see.

seal, seal
where do you live?
“ocean, ocean
I live in the ocean”
I see.

otter, otter

where do you live?
“river, river
I live in the river”
I see.

chickadee, chickadee
where do you live?
“nest, nest
I live in a nest”
I see.

deer, deer
where do you live?
“forest, forest
I live in the forest”
I see.

groundhog, groundhog
where do you live?
“underground, underground
I live underground”
I see.

great blue heron, great blue heron
where do you live?
“marsh, marsh
I live in the marsh”
I see.

skunk, skunk
where do you live?
“den, den
I live in a den”
I see.

lobster, lobster
what color are you?
“I’m red, I'm red
my color is red”
I see.

seagull, seagull
what color are you?
“I’m white, I'm white
my color is white”
I see.

loon, loon
what color are you?
“I’m black and white, I'm black and white
my color is black and white”
I see.

bee, bee
what color are you?
“I’m yellow, I'm yellow
my color is yellow”
I see.

muskrat, muskrat
what color are you?
“I’m brown, I'm brown
my color is brown”
I see.

clam, clam
what color are you?
“I’m grey, I’m grey
my color is grey”
I see.

eel, eel
what color are you?
“black, black
my color is black”
I see.

trout, trout
what color are you?
“rainbow, rainbow
my color is the rainbow”
I see.


Natalie Dana Photo

Natalie Dana is a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe of Indian Township, Maine. The loves of her life are Kyle Lolar (partner), Susep Lolar (son), and Aselis Lolar (son). She graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Her passions are archaeology and cultural revitalization of her Native American heritage. Her hobbies include reading, writing, beading, gardening, and basket-making. Currently, she is working with the Indian Township Launch program as a Family Support Specialist,  she also volunteers with Gedakina, a Native American non-profit.