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"Letter or Speech to Native Women's Council" by Princess Red Wing


"Letter or Speech to Native Women's Council" by Princess Red Wing



Fellow – Native Americans ——

In numbers there is force, for good or evil. Together we stand, divided we fall. The Native American has fell to his present state because of lack of unity, ambition & education.

So 1000’s have left the rank & file of Indianhood and proceeded to live, as Jew & Gentile. But he has not dragged his brother, cousin or family along with him, as did the Jew and the Italian.

These Jews did not loose their religion or way of life; but improved upon it. Let us do likewise; for the Native American has given more to this present civilization, than it ever gave back to him.

This civilization does not belong to the white man,—it belongs to all races who have fought, worked & struggled to advance it. Education, medical science, mining of ores, conservation of natural resources, inventions of modern equipment, building of high structures, every field of endeavor, our race and all other races have had a part in them.

Let’s go back a 1000 years before the Arabs had zero, the Indians had found zero. They had the new calculation which they are teaching in the schools to-day. Before Rome ever built the great Apian Way, of which history speaks, the Natives of South America built a great 4 lane highway. The whole Roman road could be place into one lane of this road, which is still being used, and yet history never mentioned it.

Before the Spanish arrived the Natives had refined gold, had gold filled teeth & tooth brushes.

The first League of Nations for Peace was formed by the Iroquois. For 100 years before the Revolutionary War, New England, New York, Del, Penn, Maryland and the Virginians were under the protection of this League of Nations for Peace. And when the 13 little colonies fought for independence, from the old world, they never would have won, if it had not been for our forefathers.

And after the war, they formed their government after the government of the League of Nations of the Iroquois.

Please don’t think the white man gave to the world, reading, writing, and arithmatic,—that came first from the dark man of Africa, who also gave first use of rubber and coffee.

Doctors & pharmatists to-day use the same herbs, plants and minerals, for the same cures, for which my ancestors used them. Of course to-day, they have developed them into pills, powders & syrups. The pale face was wise. He took from every other race, that which was good and developed it for his own benefit.

While our forefathers were pushed westward, herded on to reservations; in most cases the barron & useless lands. For generations we have been stailmated.

Let us today, learn our history, and take our credit; hold on to our Indianhood and grab from every other race, that which is good for OUR benefit.

Let us get into government, education, professions and skilled labors. Advance our arts, crafts and languages. Remember the faith of our fathers.

Let us unity, both Native Men and Women,—rise up and take for our coming generations all that we need for a better life for all.

Let us use our God-given talents for the up-lift of our race. Let us not waste them on civilized vices.

Let us climb above them. let us get into the “fields that need cultivation.” Let us create more schools for bi-cultural education for Indian youth. Let us write our own history for the future. We must have more Indian doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, business men & women, machanics for our benefit. We need more Indian cultural centers in every community & state.

We must have more Indian children centers managed by Indians. We must have good strong hardworking, far-reaching Indian Organizations in all communities, but all co-operating with each other and helping one another.

We must work to create an Indian Bureau by Indians and for Indians; we must learn manipulate government, and learn to write proposals to get money for needed programs and projects.

We must learn how to put pressure on our officials to gain their support. We must exert ourselves, not only for our sakes but for our children & their children.

I believe the native Women’s Council have made a good start along these lines; and hope all Native men will harken to them and put their shoulders to the tasks your women have so nobley begun.

Use the little we have left and the Great Spirit will again smile on his red children and give them dominion of greater things

Princess Red Wing has spoken

I thank you.



Princess Red Wing




Tomaquag Museum, Princess Red Wing Papers
Transcription by Ashlee Thomas


Tomaquag Museum. Used with permission.











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