Lisa Berube Wilson


When standing
at a crossroads
it's not the end
it's the beginning
of a continuation
of four directions
Be grateful
you're at
the center
make your choice
it's all good
you won't
step off
into an abyss
You will step
into your place
stepping into place
the place
you've been seeking
to fit into
where is your place?
It's in the center
the center of balance
circle of living
where the four
winds blow
where life begins
and ends
and continues
from there
Be grateful
you are
finally there
where you are
where you belong



Sea Soul

Heart of the Sea
inviting me to follow
into depths
where there is
no option
of turning back
A one way adventure
with no safety net
to pull me up
no breath of life
to revive me
no footprints
to be followed
Yet I am aware
of greater things
awaiting me
in penetrating
the depths
of mind
will and
to the
soul of
the Seas'
quiet awakening
Liquid oxygen
exchanging my life
for another
Sea-ing Spirit
embracing me
singing together
the song of
the Sea



Mind of its Own

My mind is always thinking
it has a mind of its own
it wanders
when it’s wondering
but finds its way
back home
It chases
its own shadow
and dreams
during the day
It tries to stay
in one place
but always
runs away
The mind that’s always thinking
and has a mind
of its own
while minding
its own business
leaves other minds



lisa_wilsonLisa Berube Wilson was born in Waterville Maine and grew up in the Fairfield/Waterville areas, graduating from Lawrence High School and then from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Lisa's grandparents were of Micmac, Maliseet and French decent from the regions of Maniwaki, Quebec and Edmundston, New Brunswick Canada. In the 1920's they immigrated to the United States settling in the northern Maine area where her parents were born.