Stephanie Francis



skitkomiq kihci-kikuwosson

wewehseyutomon ktahkomiq

ma-te wen `topeltomuwon ktahkomiq

psi-te keq nituwi nutomonon ktahkomihkuk

micuwakon, `samaqan, ktahkomonsol…

skitkomiq kihci-kikuwosson

kilun yut skitkomiq kikon



the earth is our great mother

treat the earth as sacred

nobody owns the earth

everything I need, I get from the earth

food, water, seeds for planting…

I think of the earth as my mother

The earth is our great mother

The earth is home




"Qanute," 2009.









I am a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Eastern Maine and live on the Indian Township reservation with my husband Donald Soctomah and our son Denahi. Donald and I began working together in 2006 on various Passamaquoddy Tribal Historic Preservation projects. Some of the projects include a canoe-building project with the late David Moses Bridges, a Passamaquoddy online dictionary, and a Passamaquoddy Language immersion school. In 2009, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on visual arts at the University of Maine in Machias and graduated magna cum laude. I have participated in numerous exhibitions and co-curated The Equinox Petroglyph Project. Currently, I work as a Passamaquoddy language apprentice teacher at the immersion school at Indian Township. 

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